Type Liner type Reheat Stretch-blow molding machine
Number of Cavity 4
Blow Mold Max. Product Outer Diameter 85mm
Max. Product Height 300mm
Max. Inlet Inner Diameter 34mm
Capacity 4800Bottle/Hour(Max.) Depending on bottle design.
Motor 0.4kw x 1, 0.09kw x 3, 0.06kw x 2
0.2kw x 1, 0.015kw x 1
Heater 3.5kw x 5, 2.0kw x 30
Operation Air(9bar) 2500nl/min.
Blowing Air(40bar) 4000nl/min (In case of 1.0L bottle)
Tower Water (@25c) 50L/min.
Chilled Water (@5-10c) 100L/min.
Machine Size 6995(L)mm x 1890(W)mm x 2460(H)mm
Machine Weight approx. 7.5ton
Resin Available PET,PEN,PP etc.
* Machine specifications are subject to change without notice.

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