The EFB1000 is a basic 1-cavity machine, which is capable of producing 1,050 one-liter bottles per hour. It is also very popular for usage in laboratories as a test machine because of its compactness and easiness of mold changeover. It takes only 15 minutes to change a blow mold to another and it is also easy to change preform carriers. The EFB1000 has a reheat oven, which has 6 quartz heaters, suitable for production of smaller sized containers. Both EFB and BIO series are very clean production machines driven by only motors and pneumatics.

EFB-1000ET ■ EFB1000ET

A very versatile machine, the EFB1000ET has an additional reheat oven on top of the EFB1000 basic machine. This is capable to produce from 5 cc up to 5 liter sized containers with a 1 cavity mold. Because of its longer reheat zone, this model is also capable of blowing not only PET but also PP and PEN containers, which require very sensitive reheat control. The EFB1000ET is very suitable to produce a wide variety of goods with small quantity as replacement of direct blow molding machines.

■ EFB1000EW

The EFB1000EW specializes in production of wide mouth jars, based on the EFB1000ET machine and is capable of producing a jar, which has a 86 mm neck finish, 220 mm diameter and 250 mm height at the maximum. As well as the other models, an LED touch panel operates the machine. Since it does not have any complex functions, anyone can operate it for production of quality containers.

■ EFB1000ES

The EFB1000ES specializes in production of small containers such as cosmetics and medical purpose with 2-cavity mold. A minimum neck finish, which the machine can handle, is 6 mm and maximum container diameter and height, which can be handled, are 40 mm and 80 mm respectively. It can also produce containers in PEN, PP, PE and etc.

EFB2000 ■ EFB2000

This is a typical 2 cavity blow-molding machine in our line for production of variety of goods in PET, PP and etc. The largest container the machine can produce is 3 liters. Preforms are rotated in the reheat ovens with a 60-mm pitch and the pitch widens to 140 mm at the blow station.

■ EFB2000L

The EFB2000L can produce larger containers up to 6 liter with 2-cavity mold. The basic function is exactly same as the EFB2000, but the blow pitch widens to 175 mm instead of 140 mm. For example, this is being used for production of distilled Japanese Sake 5-liter containers, which weigh 150 grams and of which preforms have 6.5 mm wall thickness.

■ SFBseries

These are high output machines for regular bottles, which have filling temperature less than 73 degrees C. The blow clamping uses hydraulics, but mainly the machines are driven by electricity and pneumatics. This series were approved by Coca-Cola and are suitable for production of carbonated beverage and mineral water bottles.

■ EFB20-L

The EFB20-L specializes in producing very large sized bottles in PET and PC such as 5 gallon water containers. It can process up to 9 - 10 mm thickness preform and in case of PC, regular grades can be used. In case of PET, slow crystallization material should be used for the heavy thickness preform. This is also driven with electricity and pneumatics, ensuring very clean operation.