FMB series



Model FMB-1 FMB-2S
Type Liner <-
Driving method Electricity+Pneumatic <-
Blow mold spec. Split type <-
Bottle/Min(Max.) 20 35
Number of blow mold 1 2
Max.product volume 200ml 120ml
Max. Inlet Inner Diameter 20mm <-
Max. Product Outer Diameter 50mm 38mm
Max. Product Height 120mm <-
Total heater output 2.0kw x 5 2.0kw x8
Motor 0.04kwx2,0.1kwx1 1.8kw
Control power supply 24VDC <-
Driving power supply 200/220v <-
Operation Air   0.5Mpa 800L/min 7bar 100L/min
Blow Air   4Mpa 200L/min 40bar 1300L/min
Chilled Water10C 20L/min <-
Tower Water25C 20L/min <-
Machine Size
2.5 x 1.25 x 2.0 2.68x1.33x1.92
Machine Weight 1.6ton 2.8ton
* Machine specifications are subject to change without notice.

Linear-type Reheat stretch-blow molding machine The footprint is minimized
Saving energy
High cycle
The blow mold can be changed within 1 hour


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Preform handling/Bottle handling stage  
  Heating stage