For development of a market

Frontier incorporation considers itself a product development partner with its customers,promoting,with new concepts,the development,production,and sale of biaxial stretch-blow molding machines,molds,and auxiliary equipment for plastic bottles,especially PET bottle.
Our basic goal is "to accurately receive requests and suggestions from customers,and to develop machines from the customers'point of view".We,as a PET bottle manufactureing consultant,also aim to be an enterprise that is able to have business correspondence with customers who take the initiative.
Our staff are all knowledgeable professionals in the PET bottle business reflecting expertise and experience cultivated in developing molding machine and molds etc.with our customers.We also offers the best products and systems,also cooperating with makers of related machinery from around the world.
It has been twenty years since the first appearance of PET bottles,which are taking a leading role in the packaging revolution.We will pursue development efforts and reserch to expand the possibilities for PET bottle packaging for both developing markets as wellas existing applications.